2012 CAME Highlights 1 of 4

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La Mirada, CA (W&HM) - 2012 CAME (Celebrity And Model Expo) was held inside a spacious conference room at Holiday Inn La Mirada, CA.  It's a room full of models, primarily Asian, with hot go-go performances (some are way too hot...), hot model interactions, and hot flashes from many photographers there... CAME show has become a see and be seen event for many models, and a great opportunity for photographers to be both a artist as well as a fan.  Keep up the good job CAME folks!

Kay Bae (above) leads the pack for the event.  Audrey Elizabeth (below left) shows us her long legs, again! Diamond Zaang (below right left) and Bebe Layne are in a wow moment...
Jenny Sasaki (above left) is such a fresh face, and Kairi Dreme looks awesome next to Jenny too.

Kristin Barcelona (below left) has a happy smile for, everybody!  Lisa Pinelli in her bunny suite is perfect as she is a Playboy Miss Social.
Lily Evens (above left) looks super cool in her fine choice of wardrobe!!  Marie Alvarez (above right) has that awesome fashion model pose and look!    Ngan Vo (below), despite being superly sick, still manages to roam around the room, smiles for everybody and pose for all cameras.  What a trooper!