Extreme Dimensions 6th Open House + Geisha Events Highlights

[Click Pictures for Full Size View]

Fullerton, CA (W&HM) - Extreme Dimensions 6th Annual Open House was opened at a (we believe) record heat weather in Fullerton, CA.  It was HOT!!  We were not sure how the models could handle the non-stop sweating, heat-stroke risks, or just brutal hard sun, but they just prevailed and toughed it out!

The host Extreme Dimensions were very cool, providing many amenities to keep everybody hydrated or fed or cooled.  Awesome!  Geisha Events also brought models to this event and dappled the scene with the complimenting gender balance.

Audrey Elizabeth (above) did not help cooling the weather with her awesome appearance...  Great job!
The Bean Garage came all the way from Jacksonville, FL, on the other coast of the continent.  We applaud the efforts and their show of support!  Very cool!

Lisa Pinelli (below left) and Brittani Paige (below right) delivered us the indoor and outdoor looks.



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