2012 Auto Gallery Highlights 1

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Huntington Beach, CA (Py) - The Auto Gallery car event is a hot and cool one!  First, it's at Huntington Beach, which is known for awesome beaches, and a wide variety of weekend population.  The weather is just a typical So-Cal beach weather, 80F with soothing sea breezes.  Can't complain too much while there is a tornado in New York...  The event is on a beach side parking lot, which is about 200 yards long.

It's a cool boutique event that has many models, many cars, and many photographers of the usual suspects, figuratively speaking.  Although it may not be gigantic, it does have all the right elements of activities, including fashion/bikini/urban beauty competitions, free NOS drinks, model lounges, food trucks, and of course nice cars.  We think it's a very cool event model that can be repeated and enhanced along the way to a successful franchise.

We met up the JDM Sport's awesome models (above left to right) Lena Love, Brittani Paige and Jasmyn Skye.  They are always so much fun to shoot with, and no exception here, with their individual interpretations of a fun time!  Shall we call them the Three V-nesses?  (You have to figure out yourself which 3 Vs are there...)

And we met up with Holly Lee and she was contemplating about how this green top looks.  So we were obliged to take many pictures to show her... And this picture is so majestic and super fashion glamours!  Awesome Holly!!

We are so happy to see Raichelle Viado again and again.  She always reminds us the very first shot of her in a car show, which  she always has those slender legs and awesome proportion, even though she is so petite.  Cool!

We haven't had the chance to cover Sandra Wong for a while.  It's great to see her and happy to learn that she is going to SEMA this year.  Nice!

We captured Kristy-Lei Juan just before she started to pose for us.  Needless to say, she perfected the perfection while she was approaching her perfected poses.  This picture is like..., Wow!!  Great job Kristy-Lei!!

The stage is periodically generating some actions, which we've never seen before.  Banking on the boutique size event, the nimbleness of the organization can keep the stage super charged frequently with various competitions.  Well done guys!!

Amy Ames is just too hot for our camera! We even forgot the freebies...

The fleeting moments of (name removed) who is such an interesting model that when she comes out and shine, it's like mega-giga-watts energy out there, and next moment, she may be in a different world inside the lounge.  Very intriguing...

Ngan Vo is so happy walking around the venue and showing her bright personality under the bright sun... Cool!


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