W&HM Cover Model - Mercedes Hazel-Eyes

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - (continued from last interview segment)

W&HM: What is your favorite sport?
Mercedes: I used to be a water girl in a football team.  My favorite sport is football, which is a very hands-on sport.

W&HM: Okay, do you have a favorite team?
Mercedes: I would say San Diego Chargers is my favorite team.  My dad likes Raiders, and I know a lot of them.  But Chargers is still my favorite team!


W&HM: What kind of food do you like?
Mercedes: Anything... Haha  Honestly I am not a very picky person when it comes to food.

W&HM: Haha, what would be the most exotic food you had so far?
Mercedes: The most exotic food that I ate is raw octopus.  My friend's dad eats it when he drinks magarita.  He said you guys want to try some?  I said yea sure.  I was young back then too.  Haha.  Well, it taught me to like calamari.  I figure, since I ate octopus, I can eat calamari.  Haha

W&HM: That's cool!  But do you cook?
Mercedes: Yea, I can cook... if you wanted me to... Haha.  I know how to cook spegetti.  I know how to cook steaks, chicken alfredo pasta.  Haha.  I know how to cook baked salmon.  You bake it with lemon pepper, lemon, salt and you cut the lemon like you put them into ice tea.  Then you cook at 370 for about an hour.  You need to check every 10 minutes or so...

W&HM: Wow, you do know how to cook!
Mercedes: Haha, Yea, I do!

(to be continued...)