W&HM Cover Model - Mercedes Hazel-Eyes

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We continue our cover model feature of Mercedes.  Let's learn more about her.  Here is her very interactive interview:

W&HM: Please tell us more about  yourself.
Mercedes:  I am Mercedes, and I am 19 years old, from Riverside California.  Haha, I don't know what to say... Haha.  Well, I was a tomboy, and just got into modeling recently.  I used to be a lot more outdoorsy, like skateboarding, biking,...  Then till about mid-way in highschool, I did a total 360, and became girly.  Haha...

W&HM: Well, a lot of supermodels are like from tomboy as well...
Mercedes: Hey, that's me... Haha


W&HM: Very cool!  Maybe tell us one of the most exciting experience of being a model.
Mercedes: The best experience being a model came from a couple of weeks ago at Spocom (W&HM Note: A big So-Cal car/gears/model show), and little kids would come up to me and asked to take pictures with me.  Like a little girl asked "You are so pretty, can I take a picture with you?", I said, oh yea!  Haha.  I think that's the best part in modeling is that people look up to you and like what you are doing.


W&HM: That's awesome!  A totally different question.  What is your favorite color?
Mercedes: Oh, my facorite color is red!  Okay, sometimes purple, but mostly red.

W&HM: So your wardrobe collection is mostly red?
Mercedes: No, it's actually black.  Because when I was a tomboy, I usually wear black, black shorts, black shoes, black this, and black that... Haha, but I love the color red.

(to be continued...)



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