W&HM Cover Model - Mercedes Hazel-Eyes

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We are very happy to introduce Mercedes Hazel-Eyes as our special cover model in the month of August, 2012.  Mercedes is a very bright, outgoing, friendly, very friendly, and super creative model.  We first met her at the Motion Auto Show Expo back in May this year, 2012.  We said, wow, she is tall, slim, and has long legs!  A perfect qualification to potentially be our cover model!  And here we are!  Great job Mercedes!!
Mercedes is part of Mr Clean Promotions team.  We've seen the team grew exponentially acquiring many great talents including Mercedes.  Great job Tim!
The car is a souped up 2008 BMW Sapphire Black M5.  And the detailing is done by Eric from Envious Auto Detailing.  The job was done so well, that we almost did not know how to light the car for the camera.  It is sooooo black!!  Great job Brian and Eric!

We will have many more to show as well as let you know more about Mercedes herself.  Stay tuned!


  1. Love the ground shots! Let's see more pics of the car too! Looks clean!

  2. This car is bad ass!!! I wanna see more


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