2012 Spocom Highlights 7

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Anaheim, CA (Py) - Of course, SpoCom cannot be SpoCom without their Miss Spocom competition.  The hostess of the event is Elle Navarro (below left), who has a very eye catching one-piece swimsuit on, looking wonderfully cool!  The contestants all showed off their best looks and most fun personality to the hostess, the  judges and all the people there!
At the end, the competition was really fierce.  Lots of amazing talents!  The results are (below right), from left to right: Amanda Padilla, 1st runner up, Racquel Estralla, the winner, Maya Michelle Rew, 2nd runner up, and Elle Navarro, the hostess. Awesome!!


  1. I especially like Lux, the one in the black bikini and boots.


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