2012 Spocom Highlights 2

[Click Pictures for Full Size View]

Anaheim, CA (Py) - Spocom is a big event, so vendors love to use this opportunity to announce their new products.  Drive M7 Energy Drink has hired a great array of awesome models (above), from left to right: Eva Skye, Sheryllyn Escano, Jenna Trujillo, Sarah McDowd, Ashley Labady, and Lannie Huynh.  Great jobs girls!

And Lyna Ly Sparks showed off the red Porsche that she shot with us for our cover feature (int link). Great!!

Ngan Vo (above left) is such a cute yet friendly model that always give photographers great images!  Raquel Estralla is a league of  her own and that's why she won the title of 2012 Miss SpoCom this year, we think!  Congratulations!!
Tracy Linh (above left)!  We haven't seen her for a long time!!  She's always so cool to catch up!  She also has a new look.  Looking great, isn't she?  Vivian Nguyen is so refreshing and cool that she's just like the brand!  Very cool!




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