2012 Spocom Highlights 1

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Anaheim, CA (Py) - 2012 Spocom has again showed us that the big car show industry is thriving and the show is still one of the top car shows in the country.  This year's show is well laid out across the convention center floor with a mixture of cool cars, gorgeous models, lots of vendors and a big stage for dance competitions and bikini + gogo contests.  

We are very happy to see some familiar faces, as well as familiar faces that we haven't seen for a while, plus new models that are testing the water there.  Alex and Mercedes from Mr Clean Promotions (above) showed a glamour side of the show right on the spot.  Very cool!

Alexia Cortez (below left) and Ashley Clark (below right) are both simply amazing!
Ashley Vee (above left) from the Bay Area (Northern Cal), and Brenda Wong (above right) from local showed the cuteness and sexiness of Asian models.

Christine Mendoza (below left) and Holly Lee (below right) has that big model look and style.  Nice!
Leianna Kai (above left) and Maya Michelle Rew (above right) are the familiar faces that we always love to see.
Raichelle Viado (above) is one of the most creative models at the show giving using all kinds of poses that we cannot stop taking pictures of her.  Terra Brown has something different this time, and it's very cool!  She looks awesome!!



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