2012 Formula Drift Las Vegas Highlights

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Las Vegas, NV (Py) - This year's Formula Drift After Dark in Las Vegas is an exciting event.  Despite the expected high temperature of 100+F, and unexpected monsoon rain wetting tracks and vendor booths, the event is full of surprises in drifting, which will come out in separate articles.  On the other hand, the models, in summary, are totally awesome!  Holly Lee for Lucas Oil looks super bright and sooo happy in that melting hot afternoon!  What a trooper!

Ashley Michaelsen for Monster Energy Drink looks ravishing in her darkly bright suite!  At the same time, Jamie Bearden is like a super glam with that hair light coming down on her... Wow!!
Olivia Kortez for Falken Tire is always super photogenic.  You really cannot take a bad picture of her!  We missed our Elysha Lee at Nexen space!  We met up two more beauties still.
Hankook's models are always eye-catching!!  Megan Belet (left Blonde), Danielle Lo, Erica Nagashima, and Vivien Nguyen, look amazing with their smiles and warm personalities!! Super times Four!!

Randyl Dawn looks so refreshing that it's like 65F out there.  Nice!!

The Vegas Sin Lingerie Bowl team model, looks tough, and looks like that she can tackle all the cars behind her...

Nicole Marie Recker for NOS is soooo cute!!  Her smile is so sweet that she may need to put a calories count label on herself... Always awesome!
Julie Garlindo for Falken Tire, is the hardest working model at the show we observed.  She's almost non-stopped signing her posters, withstanding the humid heat, while making sure that the guests are happy.  Wow! our hat's off to you Julie!!

Don't you just love the smiles of Danielle and Megan?

Hybrid Girls!!  So bright and happy!  Kay Bae for Achilles gave us a deep trans smile, like Antonio Banderas in Puss 3D!  Wow...
Michelle Yee (below Right, Left) is always super awesome to shoot with!  She is warm, friendly, highly sociable, and always makes sure that you have good pictures!



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