2012 DUB Show Los Angeles Highlight 1

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Las Vegas, NV (Py) - This year's DUB show LA is like the phoenix triumph from the earlier stormed Anaheim event.  It's inside the Los Angeles Convention Center, it's indoor, it's bigger, it's brighter, and lots of cars and models and actions!  It carries the tradition of cool celebrities, super tricked cars, bright shiny exterior paints, and many types of car models...  Once you get in, you will find that time is a surreal concept that stops or leaps depending on the moment.  It's an auto and model fantasy world!  Many kudos to the DUB team for putting together such an awesome show!!  We look forward to many + many more in the future!

Harley has a huge booth at the entrance of the hall, sprawling lavishly with black carpet, with lots of awesome models.  Jaime Edmondson (above) is the guest celebrity for Harley.  She is the Playboy Playmate of January 2010.  Also there are sultry Ayanna Jordan (below left), sparkling Lyna Ly Sparks (below right) and many + many more!!  They definitely won the best booth complete presence trophy from our magazine!!  Kudos!!
Marissa Hiroko for Smoking Aces looks cool always!  Raquel Estralla (below right) for Savini has that winning smile and her signature energetic spirit!
Sarah Marie has a new color for her hair for Kinetik!  Sarai Rollins for Pirelli is totally stunning!
More Harley Model!  And More Awesome Model!
Alexia Cortez is 100% photogenic!!  She is such an amazing model that people just non-stop coming to her for a glimpse of her beauty!!  We are very happy to see Amanda (below right)!!  She is such a great and perky model!!  Awesome!!
Amanda Kerr looks super tall with that Xplizit minidress...  Cool!  Arley Elizabeth smiles so elegantly for 2Crave!



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