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August 31, 2012

Michelle Yee in Awesome Bikini and More Models!

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - It's always great to meet with Michelle Yee (left)!  She always has that warm and welcoming smile to everybody.  And she is super business smart, and a great conversationalist too!

Hyrbid Team's models (below right) has that bright purple and aqua-blue suits, just brightened the scene after the rain...
Nitto Tire model looks a bit like Olivia Munn, doesn't she?

Wow, Hankook Girls Candid and Formal Moments

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - As we reported last year, Hankook's uniform is hands down on the very best in the industry.  With the 2012 line-up, they look even awesomer too!  From left to right, Megan Belet, Danielle Lo, Erica Nagashima, and Vivian Nguyen, head up the US team and are simply so great to present the brand.

During the signing, we caught some great moments of Danielle and Megan peeking through the crowd to us.

And then Danielle Lo, Erica Nagashima, and Vivian Nguyen found our big beauty dish flash...

And set!

August 30, 2012

Olivia Korte, Randyl Dawn, Julie Garlindo, Yes, They Are The Falken Angels

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Falken Models are always among the top tier in the promotional modeling.  They are regal, fashionable, and totally gorgeous!  Olivia Korte gave us a happy smile after we failed properly photographing her earlier due to the strange rays of light called sunset... Olivia graciously gave us the complete look with the Falken car and Falken Umbrealla.  That's Falken cool!
It was so hot, that we don't know how Randyl Dawn (above right) and Julie Garlindo (below right) can wear those outfits and not fainted.  Who said modeling is easy?  Great job Team!!
Julie was working at the booth at super drive.  Each time we went back, and we went back a lot, she was always greeting the long line of fans, and signing a stack of posters, and smiling to our camera.  We salute you Julie!  You are amazing!!

Holly Lee in Red Lucas Oil Bare-Midriff Top!

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - It's so wonderful to see Holly Lee for Lucas Oil at the Formula Drift Las Vegas event!  She is sooo sunny and bright that her eyes emitting rays of happiness to you!  No extra flash required!  :-)

Holly is such a personable model that worked with the Lucas Oil team wonderfully!  It's a big happy family!!
We met Sarah Carter right next to Holly at the team space.  She simply looks tall and cool!  Awesome!

August 29, 2012

Nicole Marie Looks Super Fresh in 100+ Degree Weather

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Nicole Marie has that super refreshing look at the 100+F weather.  She told us that she's actually a little bit sick , but still gave her 100% promo personality!  What a super trooper!!

Ashley Michaelsen in Shiny Monster Energy Suit

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - We met Ashley Michaelsen the first time, at this hot, humid, and windy Las Vegas Formula Drift event.  Despite the warm gusty wind, she withstood the skin tight black Monster Energy Drink suit and still gave us a super bright smile.  What a trooper!!

2012 DUB Show Los Angeles Highlight 4

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Amanda Strik (above left) and Katie Vreeland looking awesome here, even though they are super fun and totally cool other time... What a dynamic Great duo!!

Xplizit just had so many talents at the show, that even we lost track of...

August 28, 2012

2012 DUB Show Los Angeles Highlight 3

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Black seems to be the new black again!  You pretty much can assume that there were hardly any other color outfits on the models, other than white... There must be a memo some where, circulating from Harley-Davidson, to Boost Mobile + LG, to Concept One to Xplizit, to Tekken, to Fudd Rukus, and MM!!!

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