W&HM - Westley Schmaker Cover Model (part 2)

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - (continued from the part 1)

W&HM: That is just awesome!!  Very cool!  Now a totally different subject... Hmm, tell us what movies do you like most?
Westley: Gone in 60 seconds, Death  Race and all the Fast and Furious'

W&HM: How about food?  What type of food do you like?
Westley: Oh my! ALL food! haha I'm a pizza girl though


W&HM: That sounds great!  Do you like go to clubs or prefer to chill with friends at home?
Westley: I love being at home with the family, nothings more important then the time you get with the people you love!

W&HM: What is the worst pick up line that you've heard?  Must be tons, right?
Westley:  Haha “Hey, hey, did it hurt? Huh? Well, did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?”


W&HM: On the other hand, what is one most inspiring quote that you can share with us?
Westley: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
―Albert Einstein


W&HM: Very cool!  If you write a fortune cookie for yourself, what would it be?
Westley: "The best of today is the worst of your tomorrow!"

(to be continued...)