August W&HM Cover Model - Jackie Vidal

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - When we first met Jackie, it was merely a year ago.  Since then, she has attended many + many shows, and created a fast rising brand for herself, which is very cool!  She is a hard working person, with a keen artistic eyes for good work, especially when it comes to photography.  If you spend stop by and spend some time chatting with her, you will find a cool conversationalist in her.

During our photo sessions with Jackie, she has that natural talent to help the photographer creating awesome work.  As you can see in our photo-feature-portfolio, she is a born great model!  

Also, we want to mention that DIABLO RESENDIZ XPLIZIT, provided us his awesome Chrysler 300 2007 (CHRYSMARO) for our shoot.  This kick-a** car has so many upgrades, augments, modifies, customization, that it's like a organic living creature under a Transformer shiny shell!  We will have more pictures coming up. Great work!
Now let's learn more about her!  Here is our interview with Jackie...

W&HM: Hi Jackie!  It's so awesome working with you for the feature shoots, twice!!  You are totally awesome!!
Jackie: Thanks W&HM! I loved shooting with you twice, the photos are great!
W&HM: Please let us know more about you first.
Jackie: I’m half Filipino mixed with French, English, and Mexican. I was born on St. Patrick’s Day and I’m left handed!

W&HM: Wow, that is very cool! 
W&HM: How do you like modeling?  Any particular tips that you can share with new models out there?
Jackie: I absolutely love it. I would just advise them to have fun with it as well as be safe and only shoot with trustworthy photographers.

W&HM: Very good advice!  We should frame it here!
(to be continued)



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