2012 AutoCon Highlight 8

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Arcadia, CA (Py) - The conventional math does not apply here.  One plus one equals to... FUN!!  
(above) Ariel + Ngan Vo + Jackie Vidal = Three Graces!

(below) Melissa Riso + Corissa Furr = Super Nova Star Power Combo!!
(below) Harmony Vo + Helen Vo = Peacefully cute couple!

Kristy Lei Johnson + (uh... sorry!) = Very cool!

Do you think she knew that we did not know her name?

She still loves our camera!!

Brittani Paige + Jasmyn Skye = Super soaker fun!

Then Brittani reverse the soaker with a bird...

Love Lena + Brittani Paige + Jasmyn Skye = Photogenic Trio!!
Chaba (below left right with a hat) and Jeri Lee and Natalia Marie are all totally awesome super models!!
(more to come!)