2012 Autocon Arcadia Highlights 5

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Arcadia, CA (Py) - Michelle Yee (above) has that awesome super model smile!
Calling all cops, uh, female cops, uh, uh, very cute and sexy female cops.  Yes, we have one right here! Awesome!
Ashley Malia (below right left) had a wonderful display of her go-go dancing.

Diana Ochoa's (above above left blonde) new blond look is super sexy and super fantasy!  Cool!  Jenna Lynn (above above right) has that "I am in control here" cool look!  Haha  And Lyna Ly Sparks (above) gave us a look of her awesome watch made in Germany.

Marissa Hiroko (above left) put a wonderful and beautiful S-curve pose!  Nikita Esco emits that Hollywood glamour headshot.  Awesome x 2!