2012 Autocon Arcadia Highlights 4

[Click Pictures for Full Size View]

Arcadia, CA (Py) - Jenna Trujillo (above) is our super cool friend.  Not only she made a lot of things happened, model-wise, for AutoCon, her personal achievements are impressive too!  Awesome!

Ariel (below left) showed off her cute side, while Ashley Clark (below right left, white top) and Amanda Kerr (below right right, black top) were showing off their long legs too!
Holly Lee (well, you know which is her by now, right?) seems like a cat just ate the tweety bird, with that mischievous grim.  Haha.  Good one Holly!  And Jeri Lee (you should know her too!) gave us that sunny and flowery smile!  Nice!
Joanna Gayle (above left black) is a very expressive model.  Ngan Vo is such a happy and bright model!  It's always sunny to see her!  Penny Kirana has that super alluring look and Sandra Wong went high fashion with a cute summer hat!



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