E3 Booth Models Highlights - Tekken!

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - 2012 E3 continues its revived tradition of a big, loud, flashy, and highly excitable event!  When you enter the hall (either West Hall of the big platform guys, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox,..., or the South Hall of the big game companies, too many to name...), You probably will not be sure where to go, because they are all omnivorously sensory overload... And then after looking through the big screen demos, or in-person interactions, or just taking pictures of wonderful promotional models, at the end of the day, you will be very exhausted, but very contended with a feel of accomplishment...

One of the most noteworthy promotional venues in the show is Tekken's booth!  It's a huge space, with a center low profile stage.  The most impressive and genius thing is that they have amazing models transformed into characters of the game, and they did an awesome job!!  More over, they will play against you, as if you are fighting against the character inside the game with the real character outside the game!!  Super cool!!  Of course, our butt was kicked by Helen Fancik (below) at a match... Sigh, need more game time... Haha

Helen Fancik not only can kick our butt, she is totally genius!!  When she gave us a pose, she did a perfect 3-Point Landing pose!!

(PS: if you are not familiar with the 3-Point Landing, definitely check out this youtube clip [ext link]... Super awesome!  Actually, even if you know it, you should check it out too.  It's just too cool!  They should add Helen into the clip now!)  This just proves Helen's real game caliber and in-character brilliance!

And you will find many familiar faces too!  Arika Sato (left) and Big Abe (the guy) with Chaba + Holly Lee!
Kristy Lei Juan (above left) and Xena Kai (above right) too!