2012 Wekfest LB Gorgeous Model Highlights

[You do want to click on the pictures to see them in full size. Trust us...]

Jeri Lee for Wekfest Looking awesome!!

Long Beach, CA (Py) - 2012 Wekfest Long Beach was again, held at the beautiful Queen Mary Events Park. The morning overcast did not deter the local carshow enthusiasts nor the model shooters. One very impressive thing that Wekfest did is to open up the gate for media folks "TWO HOURS" prior to the general public. That is super AWESOME!! There were no models, but definitely lots of cars. That is hugely helpful. Thank you Wekfest team!!

After the morning overcast burned off, it's a sunny, gentle breezy, and gorgeous day, perfect for photo captures, as evidenced below. We are so happy to see so many familiar and new faces!! Chaba, our featured model is here after we missed her for a long while. Raichelle Viado is back on the scene stronger and awesomer! There are so many great models here that we will bring them to you in the following days. Stay tuned!!

Holly Lee!! Hot & Lovely!

Christine's high fashion

Rhiannon Dee for Wekfest

Raichelle Viado!! Yay!!

Chaba's Signature!! Yay!!

Ellisa Alva for Wekfest! Wow!

Arly Elizabeth! Gorgeous!

Kaylee Alana! Lovely!!

Coco Komatsu from JP!

Ashley is Very <3ly!!

Dimand's New Color. Look!

Lushus Diana! Peace Forever!

Cat Gutierrez! Impressive!

EmmaRose, Rosy!!

Arika Sato, Mega Sultry!

Eliza Tee, So Fresh!

Sandra Wong, Super cool!

Rhianna Dee + Jeri Lee = COOL!!