2012 Extreme Autofest Models Highlights Conclusion

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Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - All things need to come to an end... Well, not exactly, just a stop.  Here is the conclusion of the model highlight part.  The individual model photos will commence right after this... :-)

Ashley (above) from Mr. Clean Promotions is looking perfect right next to the Nissan classic sporty!

Ngan Vo (below left), Jackie Vidal (middle), and Kristin Nicole Barcelona (right) are devilish cute, devilish sweet and angelic cool!
Layla Lu looks super sultry!  Awesome!  Kila Sakuragi (below right) is ready for Carmen's bull fighting scene!
GXS Girls!!  Yay!!  Sarah Marie is again, looking totally mesmerizing!!
Liz Michelle (below red) is so fashionable that her move is a classic Paso Doble move! 
Kailyn (below blonde) looks totally amazing under the So-Cal sunset!  Xplizit CarClub girls are having fun!!