2012 Extreme Autofest Los Angeles Model Highlights

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Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - This year's Extreme Autofest Season Opener at Anaheim is sure a tour de force.  There are many many models and cars and performances that are just a total awesome experience!  Cruising around the model lounge and vendor booths, you are bound to encounter beautiful models with big smiles and great personality.  This makes the show experience an easy, relaxing, and happy one.

Liz Michelle (top) wore a stunning red minidress that is totally out there to grab huge attentions.  She is totally awesome!!

Alexx Juice, our featured model, is here and the sunny weather is definitely her best friend with her sunny personality!

Jackie Vidal (above left) and Rachel Centolella (above right, then left model, with a big smile! :-)) are dressed to kill!  Those killer black lingerie and suits...

Elyse is such a wonderful model that her photos are always + always amazing, and her feature editorials in our magazine can prove that!  And the JDM Girl team!!  They are sooo cool!!  They are always friendly, passionate, gorgeous and simply awesome!!  Great job everybody!!
Sandra Wong (below left) and Roxy Ayala (below right) are like posterchild of pure nice angel and cute devilish angel!  Great job!!
Lyna Ly Sparks (above left, then right person with red bras), and Jelly Ranger (above right, with the black and white bras) are just soooo nice to shoot with their genuine and sweet smiles!

Ela Passion (below left) also has that wonderful and connecting smile too!  Leianna Kai is also back!! Wow, this show is just a great magnet of great talents!!  Leianna is now a performing artist!  Cool!
Marie Alvarez (above left, the one in the air) and Big Abe (above left, the one on the ground) are the super duo of beauty and muscle!!  Cool!  Sarah Marie (above right, in bikini top), our featured model!!  So great to see her again car shows!!  Always looks amazing!!

Holly Lee (below left) is standing tall and looking great!! Layla Lu (below right) is back!!  We miss her!!