Wow, Genna G, Ashley Malia, Daniel Lo, Xena Kai, Nikita Esco,...

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - We met up with Miss Genna (left) and Ashley Malia for Spec-D.  We haven't seen Miss Genna for a long time so this is a great opportunity to re-acquaint with her again.

She is still the same ravishing-ness as before!!
They both were busy signing their posters away!  Great job!

Now we are at the Sypder booth with many major talents... Danielle Lo (right) we saw, and sorry for the left model that we did not recognize...

Then you can see that Nikita Esco (far left) and Xena Kai (far right, closest) there too!
Xena Kai is super cool!  Super aware!  Super awesome!

On day 2, different costume, but same awesome-ness!
Xena Kai is always so friendly to our camera!!  Super cool!

Nikita Esco is very cool too!