W&HM Featured Models - Nina Nicole + Britt Elser

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - We recently got a revelation from our reader polls (thank you for giving us your opinions!!).  You also love to see feature pictorials that not necessarily involve cars!  That's cool, we say!!

To kick it off, we have our featured model Nina Nicole (above) and her friend Britt Elser to start this wonderful series, that you will be very happy with!!

Nina is so talented that her photos with us are always awesome!!

Britt Elser is also a super talented model!  She is so camera friendly that we did not need to do much and the photos are simply stunning!

Britt can project all types of personalities that created the moods... Great job!!

Nina can create various poses that make your eyes travel all around the photos!

And Britt's piercing eye contacts simply draw you in like a rabbit hole in Alice's Wonderland...

(You really don't want to miss tomorrow's feature...)