More Awesome Models from Formula Drift Long Beach

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 Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - This concludes the series of 2012 Formula Drift Long Beach model coverage.

The Nitto model looks like a 70's TV Actress that brought us back to way back when... She has that Farrah Fawcett super glam aura.  Well if you don't know who Farrah was, definitely google her!  Super awesome actress!!

 Celeste Staana from Exedy is an evergreen for the company's promotional presence.  She is always so amicable and so professional at the same time. Cool!

 The Cooper Tires girls are soooooo perky that even we cannot keep up with.  Very + very cool!

 Tiffany Selby is looking awesome here!!

 UTI brought us a cool looking model in a hot hot day!