2012 Motion Auto Show & Expo Models Highlights Part 2

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Long Beach, CA (Py) - JDM always has a strong presence at car events and shows.  Brittani Paige (above) and Jenna Lynn...
and Elyse...
and Lena Love...
Plus Xena Kai too!  Very cool!
Marissa Hiroko is such a busy model that you see her working tiredlessly across so many car shows and events.  Great job Marissa!!
The MPC model is looking very fine...
Marie Alvarez has that sparking smile.  Very cool!
Teresa is working super hard with photographers, cameras, cars, everybody!  Kudos Teresa!!
Jelly Ranger has a new hair color!  Very cool!
Rachel Centolella with GXS Racing is busy at this year's Motion Auto Show.  She was modeling for the GXS, she also went on her first Bikini contest.  Great job Rachel!
And Rina Love is very lovely!!

Lyly is tall and slim and sultry for mbjunkies.