2012 Motion Auto Show & Expo Models Highlights Part 1

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Long Beach, CA (Py) - This year's Motion Auto Show Expo is a huge blockbuster!  There were so many cars, so many vendors, so many models and so many performances.  They would keep you occupied the full seven hours before you realize it.  In the slow-shift of monolithic car shows to sprawling car meets, we are very happy to see that Motion Auto Show carries the grand tradition.  They continue to lead the industry with such a great awesomeness of "BIG"!!  Our hats off to their hard work and wonderful organization of the show.  We look forward to the next year's event already!

Falken's Randyl Dawn (above) gave a perfect photo-opp for their car, their truck, their logo, and their wonderful spokesmodel, herself! :-)

NOS added several new models to their booth, including our 2011 Top Model Winner, Nicole Marie.  Stacy Dominguez (below) is always so cool and so amazing to shoot with.  She never gave us a bad shot!
Julie Mai (left) and Natalia Marie are like awesome + awesome = uber awesome!  And congrats to Julie for her new role in NOS!
Nicole Marie looks refreshing and cool and stunning.  It's always great to meet up with her!
Evelyn Lin is very very cool!  Not only she is talented, she is very talented!!
Arika Sato is such a wonderful MPC Wheels model!!
Raichelle Viado is back!!  Big time!!  She looks sooo good with the AMG car!!  Great job Raichelle and welcome back!!
Ela Pasion always has that wonderful yet sultry look!  Great job Ela!  Extreme Autofest has brought in top talents here!!
Sandra Wong, also for Extreme Autofest, blends really well with the surrounding car backdrop.  She has that special talent in it.  Great job Sandra!
More Awesome car and model picture from MPC Wheels!
Tina Lee also gave us a super cool yet super hot look!
Sarah McDowd is such an out-of-the-box type of model!  Every time you meet her, she has a new idea that is beyond horizontal thinking.  Very + very cool Sarah!
Melissa Riso is always super photogenic.  She really knows the camera, the light and modeling.  Super awesome!  Team Hybrid is very cool with Melissa and other great models!!  Keep it up guys!!
Xena Kai!!  She has such a warm personality that you always feel great around her!  Super!  Great work for mbjunkies!
Mercedes with Mr. Clean is doing a very fine job on her first day at work!  Great start!!