2012 Bimmerfest Pasadena

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 Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - This year's Bimmerfest is bigger and better and wow'er!  The weather was on the warmer side, but with faintly noticeable breezes through the big Rose Bowl front lawn, occupied by hundreds of BMW cars and tens of vendors and two dozen models.

Fallon Hawk (above), who is the director of operations at HPF gave us a super glam smile with her sparkling eyes.  Wow!

Jessyca Rayanne (below, right) is a very popular car event promotional model.  It's always great to see  her again at Avant Garde booth.
 We are very happy to see Lynthy again!  It's been a while since her graced our coverage!  She's looking cool at the PYSpeed.com booth.  (PY Speed... Hmmm, rings some really familiarity here...)
 Raichelle!!!  Raichelle is back!!!  It's so awesome that she is coming back to the car show scene.  She looks amazing!!  You really should find her and take tons of pictures of her!!  Totally gorgeous in front of the Stealth Auto car and booth!

 Sandra Wong  gave us a super awesome shot here with VMR Wheels!
 Vivian Nguyen (left) at the Sonix booth, always + always so awesome to chat with, to take picture with!  Awesome!!

 Xena Kai (right) is again so wonderful to catch her at a car event, here for Stance Wheels.
 Then we have many great models that we did not get a chance to get acquainted yet...

Vossen Models...
 MRR Wheels / MRR Designs models...
 Mary Zhao from LTBMW!!
 Nitto Tire!!
 Kristin (?) as the Stealth Auto Model!!
 MBR Tuning Model, you really cannot miss her or her bright-neon-ever-so-cool red hair...
 Need 4 Speed booth has many models!!
 And Sonix model again!!