Tecate Dominance, Evidenced by Quantity and Quality

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 Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - In this year's Toyota Grand Prix, it might as well called Tecate Toyota Grand Prix.  The spirits maker has showcased a tremendous amount of promotional modeling presence there...

 Either outside or indoor, they are EVERYWHERE!

 And it's totally awesome!
 Our Cover Model Claudia Moran has that independent and such a friendly personality that defies the others' eyesight direction and gave us an exclusive look!  Totally cool!

 Great job Claudia!!
 Inside the expo, there again the presence of Tecate girls was simply amazing!
 And this model, she has that look of Victoria's Secret's Alessandra Ambrosio look!

 She is destined to be a great model, if she wants to pursue!  Very cool!  Great job both to the model and to Tecate!!