Extraordinarily Awesome Xena Kai, Plus Big Bikini for Pinkini

[Click Pictures for Full Size View]

Pomona, CA (W&HM) - To conclude the extended photo coverage of 2012 HIN Pomona, we have the honor of Xena Kai here to give it a grand closure.  Xena Kai is always an amazing model that is stunning beautiful both inside and outside.  She has that cool yet bright, calm yet expressive, and amicable yet confident persona in her in person or in photos.  Very cool!

The big bikini catwalk by Pinkini is an great one!  Models were eager to show off their moves and the space was expansive for them to demonstrate their talents.

With all type of shapes and sizes and moves and dances, Pinkini lived through the live test without any problem.  APPROVED!!

Great look!

Awesome pose!

Nice swimwear!

Awesome Energy!

And thank you all!!



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