Ashley Noelle and More Cool Models

[Click Pictures for Full Size View]

 Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Even though the Toyota Grand Prix Lifestyle Expo is traditionally more conservative as far as the promotional modeling presence there, nonetheless, it cannot contain the wonderful talents within those amazing models.

Ashley Noelle is a very established model and we are very happy to know her!

 At the Expo, she has extended her warm personality and super bright smile to our camera, even though it's been the last day of the three long days of activities.  Great job Ashley!!

 At the Fuzzy's booth, it was a game of miniature golf with these very friendly models.

 There are more!

 Even more!  Those spirits companies have a great and right ideas of boosting the economy with large amount of promotional activities and models.  Awesome!

 Speedster has two very cool models at the space.  Nice!



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