Alexia Cortez for Monster Drinks and Cool K1 Speed Duo

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 Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - At the 2012 Formula Drift event, Alexia Cortez is such a busy model that she's been dragged around so many different spots for promotions, but she always has those awesome smiles!!

 Not only she is gorgeous in person, talented in modeling, assertive in profession, Alexia is such a cool person to talk to.  Always great to see her!

 You really cannot go wrong pressing the shutter button when she is smiling at you...

 K1 Speed has two super cool and leggy models, LeAnn Michelle (left) and Krista Franceschini for their cool booth.  They are so warm to us that only added mercury to the temperate bar at that hot hot day...

 They just look totally awesome!