2012 Toyota Grand Prix and Miss Toyota Grand Prix Highlights

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 Long Beach, CA (Py) - This year's Toyota Grand Prix has its unusual share of blizzard weather patterns.  It's a three days program and through out the course of the event, there has been severe thunderstorm, thunder and lightning, in short of a real tornado like the mid-west, as well as in-and-out-cloudy sky, gentle breezes, and super sunny, like no cloud picture perfect sunny days... The weather itself is a dramatic show already...

Nonetheless, they did not stop the models to show up at 7am for the gate opening.  Our hats off to these dedicated professionals.

We met up the winners of 2012 Miss Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach, Adriana Davalos (left, 1st Runner Up), Stephanie Costanza (center, Winner), and Kristina Morrison (right, 2nd Runner Up), and they look very fine!

Then we also saw Corissa Furr, who is always so dedicated and professional, as well as photogenic and personable!
 The Toyota Grand Prix event, even though is mostly about the super fast car, loud noises, and waiting for car crashes, still Tecate plays a very prominent role in the venue.  Not only they have their banners dotted the entire place, their booths are strategically placed at the convenient corners, and their brand ambassador models are just incredibly abound!  The below picture is only a portion of them!  Wow!
 And our Cover Model, Claudia Moran is also there, looking super awesome!
 In the Lifestyle Expo, there were many cool models as well...

 We saw Vivie Nguyen in the middle of the expo, literally, so we had to stop her and snap a few photos of her.  She's always looking so refreshing and happy!  Super cool!
 We haven't seen Laura Baker for a long time, and she is looking great as well!
 Then we met up Krista at the DenaliSolar booth.  She is such a smart and assertive model that made sure that we properly captured the company's logo.  Very + very cool!

 The highlights of the event also include parachute diving crew as well as double jet fighters.  The jets' fly-by in the sky was as loud as the later F1 cars driving through the lanes.  Both were thundering to the inner ears and shaking to your brain, but not stirred for sure.

 Tecate girls are super cool!
 This model in particular, she is super photo-friendly!  She definitely can carve out a strong promotional modeling career if she wants!  Very + very cool!

 And of course, cars in display... All kinds of...



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