2012 Formula Drift - Drifting Actions by Clinton Lum - Lumdigitial.com

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 Long Beach , CA (Photo by Clinton Lum from lumdigital.com, Text by W&HM) - This year's Formula Drift season opener at Long Beach was full of actions as always.  Clinton Lum, the master motorsports photographer has captured some of the most amazing moments of the car event.

  If you can imagine the loud noises, thick smoke, fast pacing car motion, and rowdy crowd all follow these cars' actions and their drivers skillful tactics around the course, you practically are sitting on the front row seat sans the steel fence, or immediate dangers of flying debris... Awesome!


 Hair splitting...

 Thanks again to Clinton Lum for his amazing captures with his mastery photography fluency.  If you like to hire him or contact him for projects, please find him at his web site: LumDigital.com