Natalie Bee and Other Awesome Models in 2012 CES!

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Natalie Bee looked so happy when she saw us! :-)  She always has that bright smile!!

 The BTV team has a star anchorwoman here at the show.  Actually most of the Asian TV news programs have an anchorwoman as the main lead.  That might be a trend to consider in order to break the mold here...

 Senheiser model has that college intelligent look on her.  Very cool!

 On the other hand, the Viewsonics model was flanked by two life-size birds!

 But she looks calm... Nice!

 When you shower, make sure that "i" shower!

 Reminded us the New Orlean flare of costume.  You will encounter anything in Vegas!

 And she looks totally awesome too!

 The magnificent backdrop provided this super amicable model to our camera!
 She's really a quiet storm that gets your attention!  Wonderful!