2012 HIN Pomona Highlights Part 3

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Pomona, CA (Py) - One of the highlights in 2012 HIN is the Pinkini Swimsuit catwalk.  It gathered all type so talents and personalities.  Not only there were all ethnic groups, all builds and styles, even the dance moves are different....  Definitely brought the show to a crowd gathering, crowd pleasing and crowd wowing experience.  And the Pinkini swimsuits are just awesome!!

During the show, if you walk around a few times, you will definitely find new models each round you walk.  They seem to come in from different time zones.
Panda Bear (below left) and Jai Marie gave us a super sultry look.

Arley Elizabeth (middle) and the two other 2Crave models were busy working getting people tattooed, temporary, not needled!  They also needed to manage the photo-with-fans duty as well ,while the 2Crave booth staff were managing the beer-pong game.  Very cool booth!
Rachel Contollela and GXS Racing girls gave us a full photo op here!
Check out Kay Bae's beautiful eyes!! They are super sparkly!!  Great job Kay!!
Marie Alveraz gave us a strong pose right after the cool Kandy Shop cat walk.
Michelle Yee (left)!!  We are soooo happy to see Michelle again!!  Hmm, the black and the red, the two killer awesome dress color choices!!
Roxy Ayala was play a DJ at HIN.  That's what we called the cross-over artist!!
Yvonne from Hollux Industries gave us a full modeling session around many cars at the show.  Many more to come!
Jelly Ranger is looking cool and awesome here!
Mai Miura showed us her wonderfully long legs!  Keep up the good work Mai!