2012 HIN Pomona Highlights Part 2

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Pomona, CA (Py) - Just a tradition in all car shows, there are fresh new models, familiar faces, or great friends at the show.  We try our best to write down all the new names and try not to lose memory of the familiar ones and already ironed in our heads with the great ones!!

We know Ashley Malia!!  She is always calm, and elegant to our camera!
GXS Racing models created a complex geometric patterns to stimulate our visual senses... Good one!
Jamie Michelle is like an angel from the heaven, who has an amazingly proportioned figure, strong sense of confidence, and a very + very kind and friendly heart!!
Marissa Hiroko has that tropical print dress that makes the Hot Import Nights even Hotter!
Natalia Marie!!  One of the most talented and creative models that we know!  You spend 1 minute photographing her, you will probably get 30 totally different pictures of her.  That's what we call the true talent!
Rachel Contollela gave us a super killer seductive look!  That is totally awesome!!
Sandra Wong brought that refreshing look to the show.  She can be a model, spokesmodel, or simply a great model!
We totally dig Trinity Dang!!  Keep up the great work Trinity!!