2012 HIN Pomona Highlights Part 1

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Pomona, CA (Py) - The 2012 HIN season began with a high anticipation after a long car show drought in So-Cal region, but met with a not small speed bump in venue selection, but the organizer prevailed without a hitch with many cool cars, awesome models, and great stage performances.  It's like a good movie plot line, filled with dramas, heros, and of course a happy ending... Read on to find out more! :-)

But let's first appreciate Trinity Dang (above) presence at the show.  She is always early to the show, and well prepared than any other people, including media!  And she always looks amazing and so friendly and photo-awesome!  She is indeed the model of models!!  Great job Trinity!!
The weather could not be more perfect, but it does not reflect the challenges coming up before the event.  Originally it was schedule to the good old Toyota Speedway at Irwindale, CA.  The suddenly, less than a month, the Speedway filed bankruptcy and shutdown the whole facilities.  That's more a curve ball for the HIN team.  Nonetheless, they quickly reassessed the plan and moved to Pomona Fairplex, which is about 15 miles east of Irwindale, or 30 miles east of Pomona.  The show turned out to be a great event!!  Kudos to the HIN Team!!

Elyse Miles is like a super fashion model among others and gave us a very cool pose!
Holly Lee is always so cool to cameras and flashes.  Keep up the good work Holly!
Jackie Treadwell is such an approachable person that makes you feel like talking to the girl next door.  Awesome!
Jamie Michelle looks more and more amazing!!  Wait until you see her swimsuit catwalk.  She is totally incredible!!
Jeri Lee gave us a full go-go dancing feast.  Her dancing style is super personable.  She worked the crowd like a magic wizard that lights up the entire room by her moves and wits and interactions!  Great job Jeri!
Kaylee Alana is totally a queen of go-go dancing.  Her energy, her subtle gestures, and totally immersion in music and dancing like no one in the room, make her a level above most other dancers.
Lyna Ly Sparks gave us strong and friendly sparks either catch up or taking pictures.  Fantastic and cool!
Nicole Marie is such a sweet and cool model!  Not only she works tirelessly all the time, she is so easy to shoot with and all pictures came out amazing!  That's what we called a the natural and talented!!
Nikita Esco always looks cool and confident!  All models should take notes of these two important traits!
Xena Kai is always + always so great to shoot with!  She has that mesmerizing connection to the cameras, even among gazillions of flashes going off at the same time at her.  Xena is super + super awesome!!
There are more and more models that we will continue in the following two days.

Cristianne and Amanda from Mr. Clean Promotion are getting some major exposures!  That is very cool!!