Xena Kai, Crystal Cruiel and more at 2012 CES

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Xena Kai was getting a lot of traffic for the Concept booth.  Most of the CES attendees may not be familiar with her, but after this, they will!

When we met up with Xena, she was freezing to death.  The cold air from the big convention was blowing directly down on her... Still, the professional prevails... Kudos Xena!

Smart girl knows how to protect herself... Warm herself up next day... :-)

Crystal Cruiel for Bassinferno was signing her posters for her fans lined up at the booth!  Awesome!!

Day 2!!  Crystal gave us another nano-photo-op at the show.  Great job Crystal!!

The Oscoo models are like sisters.. Awww....