What's Wrong With These Pictures?? (Reader's Feedback)

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Many thanks to our passionate reader, SteCarl pointed out that our recent pictures have been displayed way too small, "They are about as large as the pics from the 1990s!  At one point not too long ago they appeared to be getting bigger, but now it is gone worse in the other direction."

We are currently investigating this problem and try to solve it soonest we can.  It is super annoying indeed!!

Thanks again to SteCarl for his great eyes, his true passion, and being so awesome to tell us about it!

If you see a problem or like to make suggestions, definitely send us an email to info@wheelsandheelsmag.com or on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wheelsandheelsmag 

We would love to hear from you!

As for the small picture problem, please bear with us and hopefully we will resolve it super soon...  Thank you!

Update: The problem has been fixed!!  Yay!!