W&HM Cover Model - Nicole Marie (Part 2)

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Log Angeles, CA (W&HM) - continuation from yesterday's Nicole Marie featuring.

W&HM: What colors are your favorites in your swimsuit
Nicole Marie: I like turquoise, green, black... Some pink too...

W&HM: Oh, the notorious pink swimsuit... Haha
W&HM: Say, what color is your favorite color?
Nicole Marie: That would be turquoise...

W&HM: So when you go to the beach what would you wear usually?
Nicole Marie: It usually would be a two-piece swimsuit.  I don't own any one-piece swimsuit actually.

W&HM: I am not sure why so many beautiful models don't have a whole lot of swimsuits...  Guys, definitely pay attention to that unverified fact and strategize your gift ideas.

W&HM: Say when you go to bed, what type of sleep wear you usually wear?
Nicole Marie: I have my Hello-Kitty pajamas!! :-)  And a short short shorts, and then a Hello-Kitty shirt, and I am comfy! :-D

W&HM: That's nice.  So another hint that any fans out there, Nicole Marie is a Kitty fan!!  She loves Hello-Kitty!
Nicole Marie: <3  :-)

W&HM: Super!!  And do you watch any sports?
Nicole Marie: Lakers! b ^_^ b (thumbs up with a smile!)

W&HM: So when you have free time, what would you like to do?  Like a hobby?
Nicole Marie: Uh, when I am at home, I like to watch movies, spending time with my son.  Yes, I am a mom already. :-)

W&HM: Wow, that's amazing!  Isn't she? Definitely yes!!  Wow!
Nicole Marie: and .. hanging out with friend.

W&HM: Cool!  Last question, what would you say to your fans out there?
Nicole Marie: Thank you for your support!  You really helped to make me who I am today!  I love seeing familiar faces and it makes my day.  I also try to make your day better too! :-)
W&HM: Wow, you are super!!  Thank you very much!!

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