Ashley Harris, Ashlee Arika, Diana Lushus, Ela Pasion

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Ashley Harris first showed her new dark black hair color at the 2011 Motion Auto Expo, and thus launch a renewed and thriving career!  With her new look, she looks ultra chic and super cool.
Now she is very busy with all kinds of projects and work.  Awesome!!

Diana Lushus with a pure gold hair on the other hand is looking ever refreshing and cool.
She always has that mysterious and sultry aura around her... Very cool!

Ela Pasion gave us another opportunity to capture her beauty after the bikini beauty contest...

Ela is a true peaceful and gentle soul in the busy and loud world around her. She is always so graceful and elegant and kind to all people andcameras!

Ashlee Arika gave us a warm smile that is very memorable 

  Always happy and bright, what amodel!!  Great job Ashlee!