Alexia Cortez and Danielle Lo at 2011 Motion Auto Expo

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - At the 2011 Motion Auto Show Expo, Alexia Cortez gave us a bountiful amount of photo ops.  That's wonderful, because we missed several chances with her, photographically lately.  Definitely great catch up this time!

Alexia's career has been on fire for sure!  She's has been on many major medias, as well as brands.  Kudos!

We've seen her grow in this industry almost from the very beginning and she definitely serves a great model of successful model!  Double kudos!!

Keep up the good work Alexia!
Danielle Lo looks awesome being a K&N model.

She definitely has that clean, uplifting, and refreshing spirit in her and her photos.  Great job Danielle!