Ashley Harris, Fashion Runway and Go-go Dancing

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Ashley Harris has garnered a lot of attention after she became brunette.  She is busy at the show but still gave us the warm welcome and total photo ops to capture her beauty and awesome showgirl-ship!

There are many models that we totally missed the opportunity to know their anmes.  Pardon us for that..

Michelle Peuchot (left) and Sarah Gardner-Cook are two super cool models!  They are so lively and friendly that we could not stop taking pictures of this dynamic duo, even just within like 30 seconds!

Awesome work girls!
The Capistran swimsuit show was a strong and amazing show.  Two lovely angels walked up first to greet the crowd.
Then they find all these amazing models with incredible builds to showcase hot swimsuits!  What else could we say?

Then the go-go dancing at a different level.  HIN is such a exquisitely designed show that really shows the luxury level of a car + liefstyle show.  Totally awesome!!  Great job gusy!