2012 CES Julie Mai and More Models

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Julie Mai was having a great time at the show, even though the show was gruesome 9 to 6 for 4 days... Nonetheless, she is always a great trooper, showing her bright smiles, and having fun with people walking by or simply the colleagues at the booth.  Awesome Julie!

 Oh, somebody spilled the coffee!!!  Turned out that is a plastic prop... Lol.  It sure got a LOT of people's attention!  You can almost put a bubble right next to it and see who can come up the best line...  Hmm, maybe we should do that in the future! ;->

 The F&E Trading

 The two gorgeous models for F&E Trading...
 Plus a lucky and happy guy!
 This Chinese broadcast network/alliances/conglomerate has hired some super glittering and daring costumes!

 We say it's working!