2012 CES Highlights 3 of 3

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Nikon's models are just so deliciously eye-catching!  They were in these outrageously gorgeous costumes, posing with lively character projections, and paying attention to all the people picked up their cameras to photograph them.  Awesome!!

Models from Gumdrop Cases were roaming around the show floor (big show floor might we say...) and showing people how cool to wear their headphones...
Skullcandy models are totally amicable, which reflect really well with their hip brand!  When we asked to photograph this model, she totally cooperated with us and gave us great shots!  Thank you!
Beijing TV had a cool anchorwoman at the live broadcasting at the show.  Well she was accompanied by other male commentators but she totally shone among all of them!
Models from Ear Hugger brought us those sunny smiles with them!
Victoria for Soul was so warm to see us again that she did a special posing session for us, as well as having her fantastic colleagues for the shoot as well.  More to come!
The Mobee girls are the dynamic combo of a brunette and a blonde.
The Powerhouse girl is really cool, and has that super model look and pose.  Great job!
The model from Sennheiser probably can tell you all about the audio equipment that they have and more!
We still are drawn to the Fantasy Show girls from Luxor.  They are just totally mesmerizing to watch!
Ha!  The mobile video screen man from Accesory Power!
We met the blonde model from SEMA about two months ago.  They both are cool and did a great job for Behringer.
We remember the model for iShower from the Falken at SEMA.  Great job!!
The X-mini model has a really exotic costume.  Definitely should check it out later when we have that coverage!
The models from Oscoo are like sisters!  They look so alike, of their smiles... :-)
The WOWee models!
Brooks for Kia Motors looking sharp here!