2012 CES Highlights 2 of 3

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - This is the continuation of the highlights from the 2012 CES event.  Julie Mai for CPS (above) is such a great model!  She just recently landed a major modeling contract, which is double cool, as we will see a lot more of her in the future!  Awesome!

The totally awesome Fantasy Show girls at Luxor totally rocked the show floor with their totally awesome dance numbers!  We might go to see their show next time in town!  They are spectacular!!
Michelle Yee for Xtreme Cables is such a reliable trooper that you can count on her on all shows.  She is even going  an international tour across Asia in the near future!  Totally awesome Michelle!
Natalie Bee for F&E Trading gave us a warm welcome to the booth!  Very cool!
Nikita Esco for Xtreme Cables is a brilliant model that not only she looks great by herself, she makes the product in demo looks good too!
The models from Powerhouse are abundant and gorgeous!  The encapsulated the true promotional modeling spirits, which are warm, welcoming, friendly, approachable, photogenic, talented, gorgeous, and more!  Great job!
The model from Turn Me On has that cool tropical look!
More models from F&E Trading!  They had a really good show promotional presence there!!
The model from Nametag.com showed us something really cool!  The screen-based display tag can be attached to a lot of surfaces, in this case a hat, but more practically like around a microphone for interview, or other places that can use an animated display.  It's very cool!
Powerhouse, indeed!
Nikon's models are totally awesome!!  They posed, they showcased the new cameras, and they definitely attacted a huge crowd around them.  Bravo Nikon!!
The unconventional approach of the promotional modeling is totally effectively demonstrated through this lovely model.  She got everybody's interest and she could explain the products like any good salesperson.  Very cool!!
Okay, we've been hanging around Powerhouse booth a bit too long... Lol
SMS models are super glam!
The models from iWave was manning the huge booth space very well.
The three models for the Chinese media group are wonderfully glittering glamorous and hotly glamorous!!!

The model for Viewsonics was flanked by two big birds, harmless for sure!