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January 31, 2012

W&HM Featuring Leng Yein (Part 2) - Wheels and Heels Magazine Featured Model

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - This is the part 2 of the continuation of the W&HM Cover Model Leng Yein Editorial.  Leng Yein is a truly warm hearted person and bright minded model.

When we talked about some tips for new models, she mentioned that you really need to be sincere to the people that you work with, you meet with and who befriend you with.  In the world full of facades and bloated personality, this is such a refreshing perspective.  Kudos!!
During our shoot at the beginning of the winter, even though the sun was big and bright, ocean side is still freezing and chilling in southern California.  The neon jacket was definitely a model saver... :-)

But, Leng Yein is a true model nonetheless!  When the camera clicks, she braced the coldness of air and splashing mist of freezing ocean waves, and showed us her bright smiles and amazing talents!

When we asked her what she likes to say to her fans, Leng Yein instantaneously told her that she does not have fans, but lots of "friends"!  This is so cool of her and she meant just like the way she said it.  She has 10K+ likes of her facebook page, and yet, she maintains her truthfulness and warm open personality.  She is so cool and definitely won our high honors!!

Great job Leng Yein!!  Thank you for being our awesome featured model!  Look forward to working with you again in the future!

You can find more information of Leng Yein in here:
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/lengyein85
Blogger page: http://lengyein.blogspot.com/
Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/lengyein

Twitter @lengyein
Instagram - lengyein

January 30, 2012

W&HM Featuring Leng Yein - Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model

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 Los Angeles, CA (Py) - It is our great pleasure that we have Leng Yein as our featured model for February 2012!  Not only Leng Yein has that incredible look and a totally awesome personality, she came all the way from Malaysia to be our featured model as well as promote JDM Sport USA and more!!
When we first met Leng Yein, it was at the HIN 2011 event in Los Angeles.  She was popular!!  Many cameras and many flashes and many people were at the JDM Sport booth where she was at.  Her awesome look with a touch of Asian native mesmerized the crowed...

And you might wonder whose car is this... We are also very happy to introduce Jr Silva's 2006 Midnight Blue Pearl Chrysler 300 Limited.  Here is what Jr described to us, " I am from Stunning Car Club. I have leather interior with blue suede & blue sting-ray inserts. The car sits on 24" color matched staggered wheels."
  Jr also added, "My car was a part of TEIN's R&D testing for their Chrysler lowering kits. It was showcased at the 2006 Anaheim Auto Show in the ABG Forged Booth. I want to thank my wife Carol & my club members for their support."  Awesome!!

 Leng Yein is a true linguistic genius.  She can speak 7 to 8 different languages.  When we asked which and gave us a demo.  She instantaneously blur out all different ways to say "Thank You", without any efforts spent.  Wow!

 She has traveled the world and experienced the different cultures and hospitality.  She loves the places she visited in the US, and we are sure welcoming her coming back any time she plans! :-)

 Leng Yein is doing a great job in promoting JDM Sport!  Well, just looking at these photos!!

  Amazing!  Simply Amazing!!

This is Part 1. Part 2 will be published tomorrow...

January 29, 2012

HIN/XDC/Nightshift Schedules is Up!

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - We have updated our event schedule with the latest HIN/XDC/Nightshift schedule.

For the interactive schedule check out this page.

For organizer websites and schedules check out this page.

Mophie and Xi3 Models at 2012 CES

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - The totally + utterly + uber-ly amazing Mophie model gave us a warm, friendly, affectionate, and bright smile.  She could melt the rocky mountain snow.  She could thaw the Alaska deep freeze.  She could bring the equator temperature to the north pole.  She is just amazing!  And when we went back to find her name, she's nowhere to be seen, like the figment of an imagination... Thank goodness of the digital camera, and steady hands, and reliable memory chip...

The Xi3 models are the cool Utah Trio.  They drove a bit distance to Las Vegas, but nonetheless, they were so cool.  Totally love their amicable personality, actually downright raw modeling passions, that made a huge impression on us.  Totally awesome!!  Xi3 did a great job bringing these fantastic models to the big one!!  Kudos!

January 28, 2012

Venessa Lynn and More Models from 2012 CES

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Venessa Lynn for Eyewear Blick was looking stunning at the CES this year.  She was manning (or womanning in this case) the vendor booth with great presence.  When we kindly asked her to stand next to the company logo for the photo op, she gladly obliged and showed us the wonderful combination of her promotional model talent and the clean company booth facade.  Great job!

WOWee models have done a great job making sure the products are well placed and well supported!

The NameTag.com promo girl held a hat that is well adorned with the company's products, the programmable display screen tag.  Great job!

The demonstration model showed the audience how you can control your alter-self in the screen to look best with that designer top.  However, we have to say that the model is looking awesome by herself already...

Xtreme had many + many promotional models which is super cool!

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