W&HM 2011 Top 20 Models in Car Shows (Intro)

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - This is the first year that we do an end-of-the-year review and award the top models in the car show events that we covered during 2011.

This ranking is based on our coverage from 2011 car show, mostly in the Southern California region.  We first picked amazing photos, and then see which models have the most photos from the selections, and rank them accordingly.  Therefore, this process contains several intrinsic factors that produce the results:

(1) Natural talents: Even though this is highly subjective, there are still certain natural-selection criteria for being a great model.  We just apply them accordingly while maintaining to be as consistent as possible.

(2) Learned talents: No, we are not asking if a model can play piano while spinning dishes.  Learned modeling talents including posing, expressions, working with camera and lights.  We highly appreciate models who have varying poses and know how to effectively smile (or look cool) with cameras.

(3) Friendliness : The main purpose of a promotional model is... to promote.  The ability to easily engage people, be nice, and make people feel at ease is a key to great promotional modeling.  We know that some showgoers are over-the-line friendly, but we hope that it does not stop you from being friendly to otherwise nice people.

(4) Exposures/Dedication: We love models that are frequent to car shows, are serious about promotional modeling, and take the time to build their fan-bases.  A healthy community takes time and efforts to build and grow, not for just pick-and-leave.

(5) Pure Luck: Indeed, this is not exact science, and there are occasions that we did not see you, or you were busy and we missed the opportunities.  Well, that's just luck...   (But it would help if you see us and proactively engage us or make time for us.  This way, we are sure to provide coverage of your presence at the show.  It's a win-win situation.)

Now we will unveil the W&HM 2011 Top 20 Models in the next five days... Please stay tuned...  :-)