W&HM 2011 Top 20 Models - Gabby Jeanne, Tracy Linh, Amy Fay

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM / WHM) - We continue our count-up to our W&HM 2011 Top 20 Models.

Gabby Jeanne is always a popular model among media, photographers, and show goers.
We still remember the great shot of her at the XDC event at the beginning of the year... She was brilliantly posing for her fans in front of the stage, not caring the world out there, while other contestants were nervously waiting for go-go contest results...

Gabby is definitely a leading lady in this competitive industry (in reference to the 2006 movie, The Holiday, about the leading lady vs. the best friends.)  Very cool!

Tracy Linh is another super hard working model here.  You really can count on seeing Tracy any car shows you go to.

Not only she is super hard working, super dedicated, she is also super professional and genius!  She has her own banner and stand so she can set up her booth anywhere she goes.  Awesome!

Amy Fay is our readers' top favorite model all across.  Her sultry look and amazing fit figure definitely win lots of hearts and minds of our readers.

If you have your picture printed and stuck on a car's hood, that says a lot of her amazing talents and great status.