W&HM 2011 Top 20 Models - Ela Pasion, Maya Michelle Rew, Xena Kai, Ashley Malia

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM / WHM) - Ela Pasion is a fast rising star.  And just like other great models, cameras and flashes followed her everywhere she went.

Maya Michelle Rew is one of the brightest models that we've ever met.  Every time we see her, she always comes up with some new ideas of her modeling.
What can we say, people just worship her...

Totally awesome!

Totally amazing!
Totally genius!!

Xena Kai is a fearless model that is full of life, energy, and charms.

Ashley Malia is a quiet and gentle breeze.  She has that demure manner that is the opposite to the loud music and noisy environment usually in the car show setting.

However, her talents and wonderful personality shows through without losing any effectiveness.  Very cool!